Fond 5.5 is founded by the Zagreb Earthquake Relief initiative in collaboration with foundation SOLIDARNA after March 22nd, 2020 earthquake in Zagreb. The fund’s main purpose is to offer financial support in crisis to vulnerable citizens, running the whole process in maximum transparency and keeping the public up to date on all channels of donations incoming and their distribution.

After the march earthquake in Zagreb, Fond 5.5 raised over €170k. The means are distributed towards 79 most vulnerable households at the time via a public open call. The households have received a maximum of HRK 20,000 (~€ 2,640) for urgent and quick house repairs (to those with yellow sticker able to stay in their homes), or a compensation for up to three months rent (to those with red sticker whose houses were to dangerous to stay in them).

Fond 5.5 is reactivated on December 29, 2020, after a series of earthquakes in Petrinja and whole Sisak-moslavina county, to offer a quick support to our citizens who have suffered an immense material and personal damage and loss.

The main principles of the Fond 5.5 are:

  • Transparency
  • Trust in expertise and benevolence of all associates
  • Flexibility
  • Social sensitivity
  • Contextualization
  • Responsibility for quick decision making

Fond 5.5 is open for further donations in order to help even more socially vulnerable households. If you would like to offer quick and transparent help, you can donate following one of the ways listed below.

All the means will go to socially vulnerable victims from Sisak-moslavina county. Firstly, those are poor individuals and families who care for vulnerable members - children, elderly, persons with disabilities and/or chronic diseases, with the biggest focus on the needs of the rural population.

Full post-earthquake crisis support program is publicly available on the link below.

Post-earthquake crisis support program
Click to download the full program.